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About the California Cookbook

The L.A. Times Test Kitchen is a bustling space where thousands of recipes have been developed and tested, until they're absolutely trusted, since 1931. And now we have something wonderful to share with you.

"California Cookbook" is a searchable database of more than 5,200 of the Test Kitchen's favorites. Find perfect techniques for both entertaining and everyday cooking, including recipes from some of the nation’s top chefs.

The cookbook allows you full access on all devices: computer, laptop or tablet. Take us grocery shopping on your phone. Save favorites to your recipe box. Review the dishes using the five-star ratings.

After launching with recipes that took you through the holidays, we've added about 1,000 more, many of them lower-calorie dishes that will help you keep your New Year's resolutions. Don’t miss 14 years of our lists of best recipes. And now, under the Quick & Easy category, you can find delicious meals that come together in an hour or less.

Meet our experts

Noelle Carter Noelle Carter

As the L.A. Times Test Kitchen director, Noelle Carter oversees the testing of all recipes that appear in The Times. In addition, she writes feature stories for The Times, pens the Culinary SOS column and contributes daily kitchen tips, recipes and videos to Food's Daily Dish blog.

Russ Parsons Russ Parsons

Food Editor Russ Parsons has worked at the Los Angeles Times since 1991. He's also a Times columnist and has written two cookbooks: "How to Read a French Fry" and "How to Pick a Peach." He's a member of the James Beard Foundation's Who's Who in Food and Beverage.

Betty Hallock Betty Hallock

Betty Hallock is deputy food editor. Before covering all things food and drink, she worked in the L.A. Times business section and on the national desk at the Wall Street Journal in New York.

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