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La Casa Sena's potato green chile soup

La Casa Sena's potato green chile soup
Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

Dear SOS: I'm a soup lover, and I would love to have the recipe for creamy potato with chile soup that we enjoyed at La Casa Sena in Santa Fe, N.M. This delicious soup was the soup of the day ... Read more

Total time: 1 hour, 20 minutes | Serves 10 to 12
  • 3 pounds baking potatoes
  • 1 dozen fresh green chiles, preferably New Mexico, Anaheim or poblano
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 cup diced white onion
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon chopped garlic
  • 1 cup white wine
  • 4 cups water, plus extra for cooking the potatoes, divided
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 cup each julienned fresh leek, red bell pepper and poblano chile, for garnish
  • Oil, for frying

Step 1Peel and halve the potatoes and place in a pot filled with water. Simmer until fork tender, about 30 minutes. Drain and set aside.

Step 2While the potatoes are cooking, roast the chiles: Place the chiles over high heat on a rack over a stove-top burner. When the skin is charred all over, place the peppers in a paper bag. Set the peppers aside for about 10 minutes to cool, then remove and peel the skin — do not rinse. Discard the stems and seeds, and dice the peppers into one-eighth-inch squares; you should have about 2 cups. Set aside.

Step 3In a heavy-bottomed pot, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the onions and cook, stirring frequently, until tender, 6 to 8 minutes. Add the garlic and cook until aromatic, about 1 minute. Stir in the white wine, scraping any flavoring from the bottom of the pan.

Step 4Stir in the cream, water and potatoes, and bring to a low simmer, then remove from heat. Purée the soup using an immersion blender or in batches using a stand blender.

Step 5Stir in the diced chiles, and season with 2 teaspoons salt and 1 teaspoon pepper, or to taste. Thin the soup, if desired, with cream or water. Hold in a warm place.

Step 6To prepare the garnish, heat a small pot of oil to 350 degrees. Deep-fry the leek, bell pepper and chile until brightly colored and lightly crisp, about 30 seconds. Drain.

Step 7Plate the soup, topping each serving with the fried garnish.


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