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October screwdriver

The cocktail trend of the season has announced itself in bars around L.A.: black drinks. You might expect to find a black cocktail at a place like the Little Cave; after all, the new Highland Park bar is a neo-Goth ... Read more

Total time: 3 minutes | Serves 1
Note: From the Little Cave.
  • 3 ounces orange juice
  • 1 1/2 ounces Blavod black vodka

Step 1Pour the orange juice over ice, then strain into a highball glass.

Step 2Hold a spoon hollow-side down inside the glass and pour the vodka slowly over the spoon onto the orange juice. The vodka will slide slowly down the glass and the colors will stay separated for a black-and-orange cocktail.

Each serving:
137 calories; 1 gram protein; 9 grams carbohydrates; 0 fiber; 0 fat; 0 saturated fat; 0 mg. cholesterol; 1 mg. sodium.
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